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Aperitif A wine that stimulates the appetite before meals.

Amylase An enzyme that breaks down starch to maltose to prevent starch haze in grain and some root wines. 

Astringency  Wine-tasting to decribe dryness of the mouth on tasting a wine.

Bentonite  Useful for clearing hazes in wines 

Bouquet Winemaking term describing the aroma of wine 

Campben Tablets  To be used for sterilising must* and to be added at racking**    *S ee must ** See racking

 Chalk (precipitated) To reduce acidity in wine or must.

Citric Acid  Substitute  for lemon juice.

Clarity,  Describes the clearness of wine

Epsom Salts (magnesium sulphate)  Can be used as a yeast nutrient

Lees  The deposit left at bottom of fermenting vessel 

Malo-latic  fermentation   A secondary fermentation, usualy caused by malic aciid presence, good to drink but frowned on by  wine judges,. Vouvray Franc wine from the Loire is a good example of M/f fermentation

 Mousiness  The after taste caused by acetoin.  Prevention by hygiene - cure not possible.

Oxidation  Caused by exposure to air, leaves a metallic like taste in wine but sherry is always oxidised in production

Pectin Causes hazes in wine especially where fruit is boiled, use a pectolictic enzyme to prevent before fermentation. apples have a high pectin content

Pectolictic Enzme  To prevent pectin haze and also to extract flavour from ingredients.  

Racking The removal of wine from its deposit 

Sediment. Also lees and deposit

Sodium Metabisulphite  Preservative / steriliser produces sulphur dioxide to preseve and sterilise

Starch Enzymes  See amylase 

Sulphite  See  sodium metabisuphite and camden tablets